About Me

Hey everyone.

I guess you’ve found this blog because like me your looking for inspiration and help with losing weight. I thought id set this page up to basically motivate me a little more with my weight loss and to help me track my progress and in my quest for my happiness with weight I hope that I can help someone else too.

So a little bit about me. Well im shy and have zero confidence so i probably wont post any pictures until ive lost a bit of weight and start to feel more comfortable with my progress, so sorry about that. However I will be posting regular blogs and updates of my ups and downs of losing weight. Basically this will be an online diary of how im getting on.
Every friday  I will be weighting myself and posting the results onto here wether they are good or bad. I’ll also post meals and any exercise I do. For regular updates make sure to follow me on twitter. 🙂

My Weight Gain

I’ve always been big. Even at school age 13 – 16 I was probably the biggest out of all my friends. I think typically they were all size 8 – 10’s and I was around size 12-14 and weighed about 12ish stone. which looking back now isnt that big. Id happily go back to that weight and dress size now. But over the years at school I would always gain weight and never lose it. Over the 6 weeks holidays every year I would always say im going to lose weight and go back to school a completely different person, but that never happend. I did try exercise and eating healthily but exercise would always be too much of a chore and I would always end up stuffing my face with junk food and eating in secret, sneaking crisps and biscuits up to my room.

When I was 16 I found myself in a relationship with an amazing guy who liked me for who I was and not what I looked like so the longer we were together the more weight I gained because I didnt feel I had to be skinny for him. I knew he loved me for me so me gaining weight was never an issue in the realtionship. Needless to say we are still together to this day. However it started to become an issue for my confidence and really had an effect on my personality. I was once outgoing, loud and always having a laugh but now i’m always moody, lazy and irritable.  Over a couple of years I gained about 5 stone and ballooned to a size 22 – 24 and at only 22 I know I should be living more of a life than I am now. I used to love shopping but now I dread it, in fact I do everything I can to avoid it. I know I will only be upset and end up annoyed at myself for not being able to find anything to fit.  Im reaching the age where I would like to see me and my partner settle down and start thinking of a family but at the size I am now its looking impossible to conceive. If thats not motivation for me to kick my butt into gear then the fact that my mother recently underwent a hip opperation because due to her weight and a really bad fall she had her hip was smashed. She also suffers from arthritis in her knees because of her weight. Shes now lost about 3 stone and is slimmer and healthier. So I know if she can do it then so can I.  I know I dont want to find myself suffering in the same bad situation that my mam was.

Allthough I started this blog over a year ago a few things in my personal life took a bit of a blow, we moved home and now that things are settled ive decided to focus on myself and work on me.

I have a chance to change my future, i’m starting now! 






Current Weight – 16 Stone 11lbs        (Always Updated)

Start Weight –  17 Stone 9lbs

Goal Weight – 10 Stone

Short Term Goal  – To lose 40lbs before 12/12/12.  Started at weight 17 Stone 2lbs. Hoping to reach 14 Stone 2 lbs




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